Huobi Group will return to the US market at the earliest this month, and cooperate with local compliance exchanges to complete compliance

The global cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Group is expected to return to the US market as early as this month. Five months ago, the over-the-counter broker Huobi USA (HBUS) in San Francisco suddenly shut down due to regulatory issues. At that time, Huobi Group said that it would return to the US market in the future. Ciara Sun, vice president of global operations of Huobi Group, said that the return to the US market this time will be through cooperation with local compliance trading platforms, which will cost less to comply with. Ciara Sun said, “According to previous experience, Huobi’s strategy to re-enter the US market is to cooperate with a fully regulated company. We will come back as the Huobi Group, and no independent legal entity like Huobi will appear. Huobi is currently negotiating with a cryptocurrency broker, and Huobi may achieve strategic cooperation by acquiring a minority stake in the other party.