Yuantong Express cooperates with Shutu Industrial Blockchain to establish a logistics blockchain joint laboratory

According to a report from Chinanews.com, Yuantong Express Co., Ltd. and Shutu Industrial Blockchain signed an in-depth cooperation agreement in Shanghai Huaxin Yuantong Express Group, and announced the establishment of a logistics blockchain joint laboratory, which aims to comprehensively promote blockchain technology in logistics supply Applied research and cultivation of new technology talents in the chain industry. Yuantong Express said that the contract data will be uploaded to the chain through the tree map blockchain certificate storage module to provide permanent storage of the contract data and node inspection. Blockchain smart contract application can provide more convenient, safe, traceable, and tamper-proof technical guarantee for partners in different places. It can be widely used in financial, supply chain, asset transactions, express documents, warehouse receipt certification and other application scenarios. It fully empowers enterprises to face more open and diverse intelligent scenarios and digital assets.