Derivatives Exchange FTX releases a new product “quantitative space”, users can build quantitative strategies and achieve one-click copy

Crypto derivatives exchange FTX released its latest product “Quantitative Space” today. According to the FTX announcement, in the Quantitative Space (Phase 1) products, users will be able to build and share their own quantitative trading strategies on the web, and formulate strategic orders for commissioned orders without complicated programming. At the same time, users can formulate quantitative strategies that can be some simple strategies, such as “When BTC price is higher than $ 9000, double the short BTC”, and also support users to express more complicated logic, such as “When BTC is higher than $ 8500 and BTC-PERP When the ratio to the index price is higher than 1, sell 5 BTC-PERP and buy 5 BTC at the same time “. FTX also stated that the upcoming Quantum Space (Phase 2) product will implement one-click follow-up and strategy combination functions for other user strategies.