DeFi Lending Agreement Aave plans to introduce real-world asset markets into the agreement through Centrifuge

DeFi Lending Agreement Aave stated that as the supply chain finance blockchain project Centrifuge’s Ethereum-based lending Dapp “Tinlake” V3 version is about to be released, Aave released a proposal on “Introducing real-world assets into the currency market” on the governance forum. Aave’s support for multiple markets allows the Aave community to incorporate real-world assets into the agreement, and allows investors to choose to borrow and borrow these assets. Users can deposit DAI to provide liquidity to the market and balance collateral. Earn interest and allocate investment portfolios of different RWA (real world assets/physical assets). The Centrifuge Real World Asset Market will be managed by AAVE token holders through the same governance process as the existing market. And Tinlake V3 introduces a recurring pool, an important function that enables the smooth operation of the RWA token market, allowing the capital pool to repeatedly add assets, which can be continuously funded by Aave’s RWA token market. Adding the RWA token market to the Aave protocol will allow anyone to invest in the Tinlake pool without a minimum investment threshold. Centrifuge uses DeFi to finance real assets. Through asset promoters seeking financing for their RWA, they use the Centrifuge chain to tokenize them into NFTs, and then put them in the Tinlake pool for financing. Then investors can use the ERC20 stablecoin to invest in the Tinlake pool to gain income. Chain Wen noted that since 2018, Centrifuge has been involved in the DeFi field, financing RWA, and financing more than $2 million in real-world assets through its Tinlake DApp. Centrifuge introduced RWA as collateral in Maker, and Tinlake has tested it.