DeFi stablecoin protocol Lien launches Ethereum call option LBT Lite beta

DeFi stablecoin protocol Lien has launched the ETH call option LBT Lite (beta version), whose execution price is equal to the price of ETH-USD at the time of writing LBT Lite, and USDC can be used to buy and sell LBT Lite. When the LBT Lite expires and the difference between the ETH-USD price and the strike price is positive, the difference will be paid when the option is exercised (ie net settlement). Users do not need to pay extra USDC to exercise their options like Opyn, an on-chain option agreement. LBT Lite is still in the testing phase and has not been audited. As a safety mechanism, the LBT Lite of each address is limited to 10 LBT. Lien also said that the Lien smart contract (Lien V2) is currently undergoing a major upgrade and plans to release new and improved features in phases within 2 to 6 months. The introduction of LBT Lite (Beta) is part of the transition from V1 to V2.