StaFi Protocol will integrate Chainlink to provide accurate price predictions for rToken users

StaFi Protocol, a decentralized protocol that provides liquidity of mortgage assets, announced that it will integrate Chainlink, a decentralized oracle machine, to create a new staking financial derivatives solution. StaFi stated that Chainlink’s price oracle machine can ensure that staking users (Stakers) can create, trade and redeem staking derivatives through the StaFi protocol at a fair market price, which is of vital importance to StaFi. By deploying Chainlink oracles, StaFi can provide rToken users with accurate price predictions, safe and reliable updates, and a transparent process that can be fully audited on the chain. Through Chainlink’s external adapters, Chainlink oracles can be connected to any API, enabling users to Query market data of rToken from many different sources.