Cross-chain game Evolution Land integrates verifiable random function solution Chainlink VRF

The Polkadot ecological project Darwinia Network (RING)’s ecological cross-chain game Evolution Land will integrate Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) as a solution to generate secure, non-tamperable randomness. Evolution Land will use Chainlink VRF to quickly and efficiently mint NFTs with randomly selected attributes, and distribute these NFTs as random rewards when players open treasure boxes or breed apostles. Chain Wen noted that Evolution Land is a cross-chain token economic system with game scenarios. Players on Ethereum, Tron, and other blockchains can buy and sell land on different blockchains “Continents” to mine and build buildings, and breed “Apostles” (NFT) to fight each other. Evolution Land also has an encryption economic incentive mechanism, and the continents of each chain will compete for resources. Chainlink VRF can help accelerate the development of smart contracts based on blockchain for games, security, second-layer protocols, and other use cases. Developers can easily integrate Chainlink VRF into smart contracts.