Loopring 3.6 version adds liquidity to the second-tier AMM on the Ethereum testnet Goerli

Loopring Protocol Loopring tweeted that Loopring 3.6 version has successfully added liquidity to the second-tier AMM (automated market maker) on the Ethereum testnet Goerli, and will add functions such as gas optimization and testing extreme cases. In the fourth quarter of the main network A lot of stress tests will be done before the beta version is released, and an on-chain contract transfer has been carried out for the LRC-ETH fund pool through zkRollup. According to the chain, Loopring 3.6 has been developed and launched a security audit. The main functions of this version include that different types of Layer 2 requests can be packaged into the same block for batch processing, which greatly improves the batch processing efficiency of relays while reducing zero Knowledge proof cost; users do not need to activate the second-tier account in advance. By default, all Ethereum addresses are activated, and users can receive token transfers on the second layer without a registered account.