CEO of HashKey Capital: Five projects have been invested in the first quarter, and the downturn has created buying opportunities

Deng Chao, CEO of HashKey Capital, a cryptocurrency investment institution, said in the “Crypto Tonight” event that HashKey Capital invested a total of 5 new projects in the first quarter of this year, and the other 4 projects are in the final stage of completion. “HashKey Capital mainly focuses on the primary market and always hopes to discover and invest in the leaders in all segments.” Deng Chao said that the volatility of the secondary market has little effect on them. In fact, the secondary market is sluggish. Created a buying opportunity. Because of the negative impact of the global epidemic and the macroeconomic downturn, they noticed that some projects in the market had difficulties in financing or could only reduce their financing targets. Some overwhelmed investors began to reduce or suspend investment, and even considered early investment Equity transfer to return cash. However, HashKey Capital is always optimistic about the blockchain industry and will continue to look for the best projects to invest in, and will also raise the investment threshold.