Dragonfly Partner: After the new crown epidemic, the status of the fully digital cryptocurrency industry will be strengthened

Haseeb Qureshi, managing partner of cryptocurrency venture capital Dragonfly Capital, said at the “Crypto Tonight” event that the cryptocurrency industry has made good preparations for the new crown epidemic, because we live in a future industry And it is an exponentially growing industry. ” But the global impact of the epidemic is huge. The turmoil in the financial market has affected many companies invested by Dragonfly Capital, but Qureshi still believes that it is lucky to enter a fully digital industry, and the impact of the epidemic is positive for this industry. “This industry The status will be strengthened because it is an alternative to the traditional financial system. “” Crypto Tonight “is a talk show jointly launched by Winkrypto, Lianwen and Yama. In this issue, the world’s top blockchain investment institution HashKey is invited Four guests from Capital, Dragonfly Capital, Multicoin Capital and 1kx discussed how the new crown epidemic will affect the topic of blockchain investment.