Gavin Wood: The mainnet candidate chain that releases PoA consensus and is initially converted into an NPoS network

Polkadot founder Gavin Wood issued an announcement saying that considering the current pandemic of the new pneumonia epidemic, the timing of sales will be reassessed, and it may affect the timing of DOT token transfers, but all will be determined by network governance and will continue to promote Polkadot The main network candidate chain PoA network is released, “Once the technology and audit are completed, the main network candidate chain will be released and the initial transfer will be made to the NPoS network.” He also said, “The release of the Polkadot mainnet candidate chain will follow the same release process as Kusama, but there are slight differences such as not giving up the Sudo module and handing control to the DOT holder at an early stage, or waiting for the DOT placement In order to further decentralize the network, the rules and regulations will be applied to abandon the Sudo module. After the network will be completely decentralized and the entire network governance voted, the DOT token will be released. “