The first-instance ruling on the labor dispute between Bitmain and Binyin ruled that the senior level of Binyin should pay about 2.1 million yuan in compensation and liquidated damages

According to the Beijing Court Trial Information Network, the Haidian District People ’s Court of Beijing ruled that the legal representatives of the currency seal were Pan Zhibiao, shareholders Zhu Quan and Li Tianzhao. Bitmain signed the “Confidentiality and Competitiveness Restriction Agreement” and “Supplementary Agreement”; Pan Zhibiao, Zhu Wei and Li Tianzhao returned the bids paid by Bitmain from September 2017 to January 2019 within seven days after the judgment came into effect The compensation for business restriction is 340290.32 yuan, 248850.1 yuan, 281379.31 yuan, a total of nearly 900,000 yuan; within six days after the judgment comes into effect, Beijing Bitmain will pay a penalty of 462,000 yuan, 352008 yuan, 408000 yuan, a total of 120 More than ten thousand yuan; other claims of Bitmain were rejected.