DappRadar: Leading user daily wave field in the first quarter, Ethereum increased by 64%, EOS decreased by 74%

The data analysis platform DappRadar pointed out in the DApp ecological trend report in the first quarter of this year that TRON has the highest daily active users (in terms of independent addresses, the same below), Ethereum daily active users increased by 64% compared with the same period last year, while EOS The total daily users of all DApps fell by 74%. In addition to these three major platforms, WAX is the most active of all other DApp platforms, accounting for 44% of the total daily livelihood of all other platforms. In terms of specific DApp categories, about 88% of TRON’s daily activities are “gambling and high-risk applications”; the highest proportion of Ethereum is “gaming and trading market” and “exchange”, of which DeFi applications are in nearly 30 The daily average daily activity increased by 86%; the daily activity of all core application categories in the EOS platform is declining. The largest application scenario is the “gaming and trading market”, but it has also experienced a 10% decline.