The BHEX exchange founded by the former Huobi CTO giant Jianhua was renamed as HBTC Hobbit Exchange

BHEX announced that it has changed its name to the HBTC Hobbit Exchange and launched the new domain name HBTC.COM. HBTC Hobbit Exchange will hold an online brand upgrade press conference on the afternoon of April 17, and HBTC Exchange founder Ju Jianhua will explain in detail the new HBTC platform token model and the development strategy of HBTC Hobbit Exchange in 2020. The HBTC Hobbit Exchange is jointly invested by 56 capitals including and OKEx. Officials have stated that it has been operating for nearly two years. The platform ’s mainstream currency and contract transactions have the industry ’s top liquidity and depth. The Hobbit Exchange will continue to improve the product experience to meet the needs of more users.