Media: In order to regain Bitmain’s legal person, Zhan Ketuan sued Beijing Haidian Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, and then withdrew his own lawsuit.

Blockchain self-media Wu said that the blockchain said that Zhanke Tuan had tried to change Bitmain’s decision to change its legal entity to Wu Jihan by suing the Haidian District Market Supervision Administration in Beijing. However, the Jenke regiment withdrew the complaint on its own shortly after filing. After withdrawing the lawsuit, the Zhanke regiment is currently applying for administrative reconsideration. According to a piece of information published by the Beijing Court Trial Information Network, Zhan Ketuan refused to accept the industrial and commercial registration change made by the Beijing Haidian District Market Supervision Administration and filed an administrative lawsuit with the Beijing Haidian District People’s Court. During the litigation process, the Jenke Group filed an application for withdrawal on November 14, 2019.

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