Media: Bitmain chooses to continue to appeal and is dissatisfied with the 2.1 million awards awarded in the first instance

Blockchain self-media Wu said that the blockchain said that in the case of Bitmain v. Yinyin Pan Zhibiao and other three people, according to the judgment of the first instance, Yinyin Pan Zhibiao, Zhu Wei, and Li Tianzhao should pay about 2.1 million yuan in compensation to Bitmain. Bitmain dissatisfied with the amount and chose to continue to appeal. In addition to recovering the compensation for compensation and liquidated damages from the three people, Bitmain’s initial claim also required 26.32 million losses due to the breach of contract, that is, the currency handling fee for the profit of bitcoin operations, which was close to 40 million. According to people familiar with the matter, Bitmain believes that the total compensation of 2.1 million yuan in this judgment is not enough to offset the losses caused by the breach of contract, so it chose to appeal.