Binance announces the launch of the new launchpad project Cartesi

Binance announced that it will launch a new phase of Launchpad project, Cartesi, and open a special BNB session. According to the official announcement, this time will be based on the lottery lottery model. Binance will allocate the number based on the user’s average daily BNB position on the 7th. Cartesi will raise a total of 1.5 million US dollars of BNB through the IEO. The public price of the IEO is 0.015 USD and Launchpad account for 10% of the total circulation. Lianwen previously reported that the Cartesi project provides blockchain developers with a development tool infrastructure running on the Linux operating system. The project is based on the Linux infrastructure and supports scalable and decentralized application development and deployment. The productivity of DApp mainstream developers provides a convenient and convenient experience for DApp users. Cartesi supports developers for DApp development, can be based on the Linux operating system and supports cross-chain interaction, greatly reducing its development costs and complexity. Cartesi’s investors include SOSV, China Acceleration, Artesian, Wings, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Wind Capital, SNZ Holding and other institutions.