DeFi Saver goes online with Automation V2, integrates Lightning Loan, and increases automation rate to 0.3%

The Mortgage Debt Warehouse (CDP) automated management system DeFi Saver officially launched the V2 version of the Automation function. It integrates Flash Loan (lightning loan) to optimize the transaction process and reduce transaction steps and transaction costs. The Lightning Loan feature has been tested since March. After enough testing phases, the official said that it is finally confident that it will be integrated in Automation V2. In addition, DeFi Saver also optimized the mechanism for obtaining the latest price from the oracle machine of the MakerDAO protocol to better cope with the price collapse scenario. DeFi Saver will obtain the next price from the Ethereum node in the form of a read call and provide it to the smart contract of the Automation function, and the mechanism will be further optimized in the future. After this upgrade, the 0.25% fee charged by DeFi Saver for each automated operation will be increased to 0.3%. The official recommendation is to upgrade to Automation V2 as soon as possible, otherwise the old system will be shut down on May 13.