Bitcoin core developers release prototypes of “vaults” that don’t need to be forked to improve Bitcoin security

Bitcoin core developer Bryan Bishop releases a prototype of a Bitcoin “vault” that does not need to be forked. This feature will increase the security of Bitcoin, and users can retrieve Bitcoin lost due to security issues through on-chain transactions . For a conventional Bitcoin wallet, if the user leaks the private key, it is impossible to recover the lost assets. However, through Bitcoin’s “vault”, the mechanism includes a “watchtower” monitoring platform. Even if a security breach occurs, users can perform preset transactions to transfer all funds to an offline cold wallet. The idea of ​​the vault originated in 2016. Emin Gün Sirer, a professor at Cornell University and the founder of Ava Labs, was also one of the participants at the time. However, because the proposal required a hard fork at the time, it was not implemented by core developers.