The first case involving virtual currency in Fujian was solved, involving more than 110,000 USDT

According to China News, the first case involving virtual currency in Fujian was solved. In September 2019, the police of the Cyber ​​Security Brigade of the Xiuyu Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Putian City successfully arrested Xu Mouhang, who was suspected of illegally obtaining computer information system data, after more than four months of investigation and evidence collection. On the same day, Xu Mouhang was criminally detained by the public security organ and prosecuted by the procuratorial organ in February this year. According to the police who handled the case, in March last year, Putian man Xu Mouhang obtained a download link for a virtual currency trading platform through WeChat and used his identity information to register his account on the digital currency trading platform. In the course of the transaction, Xu Mouhang took advantage of the management loopholes in the system and took the illegal means of “empty glove white wolf” to extract a large amount of USDT from the platform. In order to obtain huge profits, Xu Mouhang, on the one hand, bought others’ identity information online to register more accounts to illegally withdraw, on the other hand, he informed Xu Xubin of the means of withdrawing USDT. Driven by the interests, the two agreed immediately, agreed to use Xu Moubin’s identity to register an account, entered the platform to continue to illegally withdraw USDT, and the profits were shared equally. Xu Hang entered the platform many times and illegally obtained more than 110,000 USDT. Xu Mouhang used the acquired USDT for illegal selling transactions, and profited more than 260,000 yuan, and Xu Moubin illegally made more than 80,000 yuan.

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