JST (JUST) is about to launch the second phase of MXC Matcha SpaceM

JST (JUST) will launch MXC Matcha Phase 2 SpaceM. JST is a decentralized dual-token financial system of the TRON network, which provides users with stable currency lending and governance mechanisms. Among them, JST is the management token of the JUST platform, JST holders have management decision-making power on the JUST loan platform, and JST can be used to pay interest on CDP. USDJ is a stable currency that is 1: 1 anchored with the US dollar, and is generated by collateralizing TRX on JST’s CDP lending platform. MXC SpaceM is a newly launched marketing channel for star projects on the MXC platform. Through communication with the project and the community, a certain amount of project tokens are obtained at a discounted price, providing users with a place to trade freely through lottery and subscription. MX holders will have priority in participating in new transactions. SpaceM will provide trading market, MXC matcha traffic, and ecological services to empower potential blockchain projects.