The founder of the Silk Road: This year will face the last wave of Bitcoin’s first bear market cycle, or may fall to $ 3200

Ross Ulbricht, the founder of the closed Dark Web Silk Road, wrote in a personal blog that the volatility of Bitcoin since the “slaughter-like decline” of the market on March 12 may lead to a continuation until this year 6 The bear market in May or July may even end next year. He also said, “The 2017 bull market cycle has ended. The market has to face the last wave of Bitcoin’s first bear market cycle and the largest wave to date. In this case, the price of Bitcoin may fall. To $ 3200 “. Ross Ulbricht is currently serving a sentence in Tucson Prison in the United States. He was previously sentenced to life imprisonment on charges of money laundering and drug trafficking, and he was not allowed to be released on parole, but he still regularly updates Bitcoin price analysis articles on the Medium blog website.