The upgrade of the product of the coin core technology cloud exchange system, the introduction of the SaaS standard and professional versions

Bluehelix, a blockchain financial information technology service provider, will upgrade the product of its “nuclear cloud exchange system” and launch different versions for different customer needs. Coincore Technology said that for customers who want to go online quickly, the SaaS Standard Standard Edition will be launched; for customers with independent R & D capabilities that require secondary development, etc., the SaaS Pro Professional Edition will be launched. Among them, SaaS Pro Professional Edition is the only SaaS hybrid cloud exchange system version in the industry that can independently deploy front-end and user data, and customers can develop it according to their own needs. At the same time, this upgrade is to better enhance the customer experience, meet the diverse needs of different types of customers, and reduce operating costs. At this stage, Nuclear Technology has provided blockchain financial technology for more than 200 well-known enterprises around the world, including the trading platform SaaS system, innovative financial derivatives and liquidity services. It is designed to help partners in a rapidly developing and competitive market Realize business value quickly.