Non-custodial BTC lending service completed a seed round of US $ 2.45 million, led by Initialized Capital

Atomic Loans announced the completion of a $ 2.45 million seed round of financing, led by Initialized Capital, with investors including ConsenSys, Morgan Creek Digital and Bison Trails ’Joe Lallouz and Aaron Henshaw. The new financing will be used to expand the three-person team, review agreements and strengthen compliance. Atomic Loans is located in Toronto and was established in January 2019. It previously received a pre-seed investment of US $ 200,000 from ConsenSys. Atomic Loans provides DeFi loan experience for BTC holders, allowing users to obtain non-custodial BTC loan services, which means users can lock their BTC on the chain to lend DAI or USDC, which is attractive for mining tools Power, so that they do n’t need to sell BTC to get funds to pay monthly operating expenses. At the same time, Atomic Loans also offers to deposit DAI or USDC to earn interest, the service is currently in internal testing.