The “ national team ” blockchain service network BSN will enter the global commercial stage on April 25

The blockchain service network BSN will enter the global commercial stage on April 25, and the blockchain service network BSN global commercial launch conference and the first developer conference will be held in Xiacheng District, Hangzhou. After a half-year internal testing period, BSN will launch two versions of the website in the commercial phase: the Chinese version ( and the English international version (, followed by other language versions of the website ; After commercial use, BSN will open the choice and purchase of overseas city node resources to developers; the week before commercial use, the BSN Alliance will release the “BSN Price Calculator”; after commercial use, BSN will remove the restrictions on the number of applications and the number of nodes during the closed beta And provide developer SDK; at the same time, the underlying framework FISCO BCOS will complete the adaptation and begin a two-month public beta; in addition, the official BSN portal will support personal payment (cloud flash payment, WeChat) and corporate payment (enterprise Online banking and offline remittance). According to, BSN was co-sponsored by the National Information Center, China UnionPay, China Mobile Design Institute, China Mobile Government and Enterprise Branch, China Mobile Financial Technology and Beijing Red Date Technology. Among them, the National Information Center carries out top-level planning, and China UnionPay and China Mobile use relevant blockchain technology and existing network resources and data centers for independent research and development and deployment.