CoinHunter: Beware of counterfeit imToken transaction rollback scams, some stolen money has flowed into Binance Exchange for cash out

According to the report of the global digital asset security tracking platform CoinHunter, users recently submitted a coin loss incident feedback that they suffered imToken “transaction rollback” fraud. The phishing account creates a fake imToken official telegram group and acts as an official technical staff, guiding the “fragmented arbitrage” deceived users to enter the private key on the designated website to perform the so-called “transaction rollback” operation for second fraud. At present, hackers have transferred the stolen money at addresses beginning with 0xfc74455 to the Binance Exchange for cash out. CoinHunter reminded that the hacker had cashed out at least dozens of times on the Binance Exchange, and then there may be a large amount of stolen money still transferred to the Binance Exchange in this way to cash out. It is recommended that the relevant exchanges take timely action to freeze the relevant hacker account, In turn, it helps victims recover their losses.