Canadian mining company Hut 8 Mining is concerned that delays in the delivery of mining machines caused by the epidemic will affect the company’s operations

Hut 8 Mining Corp, one of Canada ’s largest cryptocurrency mining companies, said that the new crown virus epidemic may lead to delays in the delivery of suppliers ’mining machines or will have an impact on the company ’s business. In a conference call last week, CEO Andrew Kiguel stated that the timetable for the mining machine originally planned to be delivered between March and April has been changed due to the epidemic, but there is still no latest timetable. A few weeks ago, no one thought that these things would be a problem, and the world is facing different supply chain problems, such as buying ventilators and masks all over the world, rather than bitcoin mining machines. “Bitmain once warned in January. Due to the outbreak, the delivery will be forced to be delayed. Although the operation has been resumed later, the delivery time is still unclear.