Ant Blockchain Open Alliance Chain will officially start commercialization on April 16

According to the activity information of the ant blockchain official website, the ant blockchain open alliance chain will start the live broadcast of the “open alliance chain” on April 16 and will officially start commercialization. Ant Blockchain has announced the launch of a welfare policy for small and medium-sized enterprises and developers. The goal is to promote the sharing of the blockchain for all. It will officially launch the “Everyone on the chain and all people enjoy” activity from April to June, including all users can get the first free access The alliance chain supports the benefits of 2000 regular transactions. The participating members of the Ant Blockchain Open Alliance include Mixmarvel, White Matrix, Chengdu Chain Security and other companies. Lianwen previously reported that the Ant Blockchain Open Alliance was launched by Ant Financial’s blockchain brand Ant Blockchain in 2019. It will be open for public beta on November 8, 2019, and aims to establish low cost and low threshold 1. Open and inclusive blockchain service network.