Binance and Cartesi launch prized game competition, offering token rewards worth over US $ 50,000

Binance and Cartesi announced the launch of an award-winning game competition, providing CTSI tokens worth more than US $ 50,000 as rewards. Users can participate in Cartesi’s game Creepts website to participate. Creepts is an easy-to-use tower defense game DApp. Players can use 4 professional towers to plan strategies: turret, laser tower, automatic machine gun and air flow gun. In the award setting, each of the first 1000 users participating in the Creepts competition will receive a CTSI token of USD 10 each, on a first-come-first-served basis, regardless of the score. At the end of the game, the top 500 players in each round will be ranked in the form of a tournament, and will be rewarded according to the highest score obtained. The highest score will be rewarded with a CTSI token worth USD 5,000, and the second place is USD 2,500, 3 people 1000 USD etc. The competition will be divided into two rounds: the first round is from 14:00 on April 15 to 14:00 on April 17 and the second round is from 14:00 on April 18 to 14:00 on April 21. Cartesi is a DApp operating system that enables complex and intensive computing to run in a Linux environment outside the blockchain without affecting its decentralized features. The goal is to make DApps more powerful, cost-effective and Easier to develop, investors include SOSV, China Acceleration, Artesian, Wings, Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, Star Capital, SNZ Holding and other institutions.