Filecoin mainnet launch is delayed by two weeks, and the new launch window is adjusted from July 6 to August 6

Filecoin announced on the official Slack channel a minor adjustment to the mainnet online time, which was pushed back two weeks later, and the new release window period was adjusted from July 6 to August 6. Filecoin said that the reason for this adjustment is because of the latest estimates of all operations in Phase 2, including testing and verification, security audits, network operation tests, testing Filecoin improvement suggestions, and network upgrades. Earlier, the official website of Coinlist updated the progress of Filecoin’s project on April 9th, informing investors who participated in Filecoin’s private and public placements to update their registration information and prepare to receive Filecoin tokens. Coinlist said it will open Filecoin token trading after the Filecoin mainnet is launched.