CoinGecko: The total market value of cryptocurrencies fell by 5% in the first quarter of 2020, and the market share of BitMEX open positions fell by 10.2%

CoinGecko released the first quarter of 2020 crypto market report. Among them, the trading volume of the cryptocurrency market fell by nearly 40% on the day of the collapse of the cryptocurrency market on March 12, but from the first quarter overall, the cryptocurrency market value fell by 5 %. A large number of investors exchanged Bitcoin for US dollars, the supply of stablecoin USDT increased rapidly, and the market share increased by 1.1%. In contrast, the Bitcoin market share fell by 3.5%. In terms of stablecoin market share, the USDT market share has further increased, accounting for approximately 84%. DAI’s stablecoin market share increased by 3.5% in the first quarter, and then fell back to its original point. Overall, DAI declined by 0.1%. Another stablecoin that did not experience a decline in market share was USDC. The stablecoin market share increased slightly by 0.05%. USDC added a collateral asset option for DAI in this quarter. In terms of crypto derivatives, BitMEX suffered a huge loss of open positions, and its market share fell by 10.2%, but it still accounts for 47% of the market. The other two derivatives exchanges have grown, and the Binance Futures open position market Its share increased by 8.4%, FTX increased by 7.4%, and its market share increased by nearly 4 times in the quarter. In terms of DeFi, a questionnaire launched by CoinGecko shows that more than 70% of users have known DEX and Ethereum wallets in the past 3 months. Among them, the most well-known DEX in the past 3 months is Kyber Network.