The mobile device privacy payment project MobileCoin has been completely open sourced and developed based on the Rust language

MobileCoin, a private payment project for mobile devices, has announced complete open source. According to MobileCoin’s Github code base, the MobileCoin code prototype is based on the Rust language and based on Byzantine fault tolerance consensus. At the same time, the MobileCoin ecosystem contains three main components to enable users to send MobileCoin tokens safely and privately, including fully private blocks Chain ledger, consensus network, and wallet for sending and receiving tokens. The Github also said that the current API of the code base will continue to evolve to demonstrate various functions, and substantial changes are expected before release. Lianwen previously reported that MobileCoin opened a testnet application for registration at the beginning of this month, and announced in April 2018 that it had completed a $ 30 million round of financing, led by Binance Labs. Other investors include INB, Zhen Fund, Danhua Capital, Nirvana Capital, Scalar Capital, Bawei Capital, Electric Capital, etc.