Ant Blockchain will officially launch the “Open Alliance Chain”, aiming to become the largest blockchain productivity platform in China

Ant Blockchain officially launched the “Open Alliance Chain” for small and medium-sized enterprises, opening up the technology and application capabilities of Ant Blockchain for the first time. Ant Blockchain said that SME developers can develop related blockchain applications like building blocks, and jointly build the future of the digital economy with Ant Blockchain. At the same time, Ant Financial started to develop an open alliance chain at the end of last year, reducing the threshold for SMEs to “chain” to several thousand yuan. The Open Alliance Chain is based on the technology independently developed by the Ant Blockchain, which can support 1 billion account size, 1 billion daily transaction volume, and achieve 100,000 cross-chain message processing capabilities (PPS) per second. Jin Ge, general manager of the Ant Blockchain Platform Department, said, “Ant Blockchain has become the largest blockchain productivity platform in China, allowing over 40 complex scenarios to undergo qualitative changes in industrial collaboration. The next 3 years will support millions of companies through open alliance Chain realizes large-scale innovation, and promotes the arrival of the era of value Internet for all people on the chain. “