Swiss cryptocurrency company Crypto Finance AG completes US $ 14.5 million in Series B financing

Swiss cryptocurrency company Crypto Finance AG completed a $ 14.5 million Series B round of financing. This round of financing was led by Swiss investment agency Rainer-Marc Frey and Beijing-based private equity fund Lead Capital. Other investment institutions include Hong Kong-based QBN Capital . Crypto Finance AG currently operates three subsidiaries, including Crypto Fund AG, Crypto Broker AG and Crypto Storage AG. Jan Brzezek, CEO and founder of Crypto Finance AG, said, “This round of financing will be used for Crypto Broker AG to meet the basic requirements of the brokerage license issued by the Swiss financial regulator FINMA.” He also said that Crypto Finance AG plans to enter the cryptocurrency derivatives market in the future. Crypto Finance AG plans to become a regulated derivatives trading platform similar to CME Group and is seeking crypto derivatives trading licenses. Lianwen previously reported that Crypto Fund AG, a cryptocurrency investment fund owned by Crypto Finance AG, had received an asset management license issued by FINMA in October 2018. Beijing-based private equity fund Leader Capital was established in 2015. It is a private equity fund management agency focusing on fintech, consumer finance, big data, payment, credit reporting, and technology enterprise investment. It has participated in the investment of, which Fund creation partner Ma Ning was a member of the Goldman Sachs China Management Committee and the director of investment research at Goldman Sachs Securities (Goldman Sachs China).