The Economist Intelligence Unit: The knowledge and use of cryptocurrencies in developing countries is higher than in developed countries

The Economist Intelligence Unit, an economic analysis think tank under The Economist Group, has released a survey report on topics related to digital payment methods and cashless futures. The report is sponsored by the payment and cryptocurrency platform . The Economist Intelligence Unit pointed out that payment in the form of digital currency refers to “financial assets that exist electronically and have no physical form and can be accessed through computers or digital devices, including but not limited to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP.” According to the public survey results of the report, cryptocurrency is the most widely accepted form of digital currency payment. It is worth mentioning that the recognition of cryptocurrencies in developed countries is lower than that of developing countries. The specific data is that the respondents in developed economies have about 79% awareness of cryptocurrencies. The respondents in developing countries have a 92% awareness of cryptocurrencies, and the average awareness of the overall survey is 85%. At the same time, 41% of the surveyed group in developing countries claimed to have had cryptocurrency, 23% had used cryptocurrency, while in developed countries, only 19% claimed to have cryptocurrency, 9% Used cryptocurrency. The report also pointed out that in some groups, digital currency is more popular than cash, and the survey results show that groups with higher degrees are more likely to use cryptocurrency.