OKChain has been completely open source, and the first ecological partners include IRISnet, Conflux and other projects

OKEx announced that OKChain has completed a complete open source plan, aiming to provide an efficient, free and boundless public chain ecosystem for all ecological nodes. At present, it has completed the establishment of the first batch of ecological partners including Biyuan, Certik, IRISnet and Conflux. OKChain said that it adopts a unique cross-chain design idea to realize the connection with the Cosmos ecosystem, and completes the connection with various mainstream public chains such as BTC and ETH through the protocol toolkit. The goal is to ensure the independence of each chain, the overall cross-chain ecology and the autonomy of the participating nodes, and at the same time realize the chain and chain directly send transactions and transfer information to each other. OKChain also expressed the creation of original technology and concepts such as the business chain alliance model and OpenDEX full-node operation based on the blockchain peer-to-peer network.