F2Pool Shenyu: Currently in the stage of mining capacity reduction and passive optimization of industrial efficiency, similar to 16 years

F2Pool co-founder, Cobo co-founder and CEO Shenyu accepted the founder of the brain hole opener as the host at the first “Digital Mining Past: The Story of the Old Miners” at the online video summit of the “World Digital Mining Conference” Xu Zhihong asked, “Which current stage is most similar to the industry in 2020?” Shenyu said, “If you want to find it, it may be more like 2016, because it is also in the previous round. The halving, coupled with the position of the entire mining industry, is basically at a stage of capacity reduction and passive optimization of industrial efficiency and cost, similar to the entire mining stage of 2016. ” “World Digital Mining Conference” (World Mining Conference) is the first online video summit jointly organized by industry integrated marketing service provider Winkrypto and first-tier mining companies such as MicroBT, F2Pool Yuchi, Shanghai Diyi, GSR, etc., inviting nearly 70 people for 5 consecutive days The founder and person in charge of the mining and financial service organization of the cryptocurrency head, in-depth exchanges and share the challenges and opportunities of the mining industry, and look forward to the prospects of mining development in the cold winter of the industry.