Xu Zhe: In the future, the profit margin of crypto mining will be flattened, and the de-globalization caused by the epidemic is the greatest hope for “out of the circle”

Well-known investor Xu Zhe in the second online video summit of the “World Digital Mining Conference” “Mining Leader’s Halving Witness and Faith Watch”, directed the manpower that the founder’s tension mentioned in the halving is related to the impact of mining The topic said, “The speed at which humans produce material wealth is much faster than the production of BTC. So in fact, BTC has been deflationary in the long run. The profit margin of mining in the future will be flat, as low as today’s manufacturing.” Regarding whether Bitcoin will use this opportunity to halve the opportunity to “out of the circle”, Xu Zhe said, “BTC we think is the center, in fact it may not be. The biggest application of BTC is the international settlement of non-banking systems. At the same time, this epidemic caused The de-globalization is the biggest hope that will cause Bitcoin to come out in the future. ” “World Digital Mining Conference” (World Mining Conference) is the first online video summit jointly organized by industry integrated marketing service provider Winkrypto and first-tier mining companies such as MicroBT, F2Pool Yuchi, Shanghai Diyi, GSR, etc., inviting nearly 70 people for 5 consecutive days The founder and person in charge of the mining and financial service organization of the cryptocurrency head, in-depth exchanges and share the challenges and opportunities of the mining industry, and look forward to the prospects of mining development in the cold winter of the industry.