Di Yi Li Peicai: The bull market needs new hot spots, and digital currency solutions are attractive for value-added business scenarios

Li Peicai, co-founder of Shanghai Diyi, said in the first “Digital Mining Past: The Story of Old Miners” at the online video summit of the “World Digital Mining Conference” that digital currencies are far from the platform period, and the long-term cycle is still a bull market. He also made an analogy, “If you compare the huge fiat currency market to a nutrient solution, bitcoin is actually a small petri dish in a very large nutrient solution. Now the market value of bitcoin is only 670 billion, Compared with the entire huge fiat currency, it is still very small. I believe that the multi-fiat currency will slowly flow into the bitcoin plate. ” Li Peicai also said that the cryptocurrency bull market needs hot spots. “I believe that a new business model will emerge after the digital currency value transmission system is integrated with the Internet, and it will subvert to many existing business fields. Many value-added business scenarios will use digital Currency, compared with existing solutions, digital currency solutions are still very attractive. ” “World Digital Mining Conference” (World Mining Conference) is the first online video summit jointly organized by industry integrated marketing service provider Winkrypto and first-tier mining companies such as MicroBT, F2Pool Yuchi, Shanghai Diyi, GSR, etc., inviting nearly 70 people for 5 consecutive days The founder and person in charge of the mining and financial service organization of the cryptocurrency head, in-depth exchanges and share the challenges and opportunities of the mining industry, and look forward to the prospects of mining development in the cold winter of the industry.