Zhu Yin Zhu Weight: The popularization of the concept of digital currency from the national standpoint or market outbreak factors, the computing power will not flow out of foreign countries

Zhu Yin, co-founder of Zhuyin, in the second online video summit of the “World Digital Mining Conference” “Mining Leader’s Halving Witness and Faith Watch”, addressed the question of the founder’s tension in the host manpower “the market is not What kind of factors will be needed to usher in the next outbreak? “Said,” The popularization of the concept of digital currency from the national standpoint will benefit the entire market in the long run. ” Regarding the topic of the future layout of mining and computing power, Zhu Wei said that according to the current data of the currency mining pool, “Chinese miners account for more than 90%, only foreign computing power will flow in, and no domestic computing power will flow out. At the same time, the future Computing power may be more concentrated in China, and large-scale inflow of computing power to foreign countries is basically impossible, because China still has the advantage of electricity prices. ” “World Digital Mining Conference” (World Mining Conference) is the first online video summit jointly organized by industry integrated marketing service provider Winkrypto and first-tier mining companies such as MicroBT, F2Pool Yuchi, Shanghai Diyi, GSR, etc., inviting nearly 70 people for 5 consecutive days The founder and person in charge of the mining and financial service organization of the cryptocurrency head, in-depth exchanges and share the challenges and opportunities of the mining industry, and look forward to the prospects of mining development in the cold winter of the industry.