AVA Labs launches the ecological program AVA-X, which can receive up to US $ 100,000 in token rewards for completing tasks

AVA Labs, a decentralized service platform, launched the ecological program AVA-X. Participants can apply for funding and complete a specific task to receive a token reward of up to $ 100,000. Participants can submit project proposals through AVA-X and can apply for project funds after communicating with the committee. In addition, you can also choose to open the demand for rewards. Currently, the Vulnerability Bounty Program has been opened, and a security vulnerability can be found to receive up to $ 50,000 in AVA tokens as a reward. The “AVA and Ethereum Bridge” program has also been opened. Tools that bridge to Ethereum have the opportunity to obtain AVA tokens of up to USD 100,000. AVA Labs was founded by Emin Gun Sirer, a well-known computer scholar at Cornell University. Lianwen previously reported that AVA Labs has open sourced the platform code base to global developers.