TokenInsight: In the first quarter, the spot market transaction volume increased by 104% month-on-month, and DEX transaction volume increased significantly by 2.68% of the entire market

Research institute TokenInsight released the “2020 Q1 Digital Asset Spot Exchange Industry Research Report”. TokenInsight pointed out in the report that in the first quarter, the digital asset spot market transaction volume was 6.6 trillion US dollars, an increase of 104% month-on-month; Bitcoin ’s plunge on March 12 was caused by Bitcoin ’s liquidity trample, panic, and liquidity channels. Obstructions and partial sell-offs in the spot market are common causes; the total volume of transactions on centralized exchanges is US $ 6.47 trillion, and there is still a large amount of false components in the volume of emerging centralized exchanges; the volume of decentralized exchanges (DEX) broke through the market for the first time 0.01% of spot trading volume reached 2.68%; the United States, Russia, and Turkey were the three countries with the most cumulative visits in the first quarter of the exchange, followed by Vietnam, the United Kingdom, and France.