The active development team of the Bitcoin community and startup wallet company Purse announced the closure after 6 years of operation

Bitcoin startup wallet company Purse announced its closure after 6 years of operation. The company has confirmed the message in an email to customers and said it has made a very difficult decision to close the dissolution company. Purse previously provided users with a service to buy Amazon gift cards at a discounted price using Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, with a discount of 5%. The company said that its wallet service will be operational until June this year, but registration has been stopped, and the purchase function will be offline next week, and the user ’s unfinished orders will be canceled. The Purse team was an active developer in the Bitcoin community. In 2017, it proposed a Bitcoin extension solution called “Extension Blocks”. Bitcoin wallet company Purse completed a $ 1 million seed round of funding led by Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group in 2015. Other investors include Strong Ventures, Yang Ventures, Plug & Play and other institutions, as well as BTCC CEO Bobby Personal investors such as Lee, founder Roger Ver, FinalHash CEO Marshall Long, Litecoin founder Charlie Lee and others.