Ren Alliance has established 14 new members, including IDEX, to provide Bitcoin transactions for DEX

Ren Alliance, an alliance established by Ren, a decentralized asset cross-chain solution, announced the addition of 14 new members. The total number of members has expanded to 51 companies. The new members mainly come from IDEX, Switcheo, Dex.Blue, 1inch, Jarvis Network , Charged Particles, DEXTF, Zerion and other decentralized exchange projects. Ren CEO Alex Wearn said, “Taking the decentralized exchange IDEX as an example, by joining the alliance, IDEX will provide bitcoin transactions through the Ren protocol, advancing its goal of providing customers with more encrypted assets.” He also said, “RenVM virtual machine RenVM will support three major assets of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Zcash (ZEC) after the official launch in May this year, and these assets will be brought into the DeFi field soon.” The Ren Alliance aims to gather DeFi projects that help, develop and utilize the virtual machine RenVM technology. Ren said that bringing cross-chain assets to Ethereum will allow DeFi ecosystem to use more types of collateral. By joining Ren Alliance, it will ensure that RenVM is a robust and license-free tool for DeFi. The advantages of joining Ren Alliance include obtaining initial liquidity, more brand exposure, technical team support, product testing support, market-related resources, etc. Previous members who have joined before include Polychain Capital, AirSwap, Kyber, DexLabs and other companies . Lianwen previously reported that the Ren virtual machine RenVM testnet was officially launched in August 2019. Developers replicated RenVM in the form of Darknodes to a decentralized network. The highlight of RenVM is that it can use zero-knowledge proofs and new The developed sMPC protocol works in the form of privacy. The state, input, and output of all programs in RenVM, including Darknodes, are hidden from everyone. This means that RenVM can manage private keys on multiple different blockchains. Achieve cross-chain token transfer without trust.