BitWei released M30 S + and M30S ++ series of mining machines, the first to introduce new industry standards such as 1 year warranty for mining machines

Bitwei officially released a new generation mining machine model M30S ++ with a single computing power of 112T and a power consumption ratio of 31J / T and a single mining power of 110T and a power consumption ratio of 34J / T at the “Shenma M30 Global Online Conference” The machine model M30S +, and expanded the M30S series family to three 3X products, aims to lead the industry into the 3X era. Bitwei announced the new standards in the 3X era: low power consumption ratio, high stability, and one-year long warranty service. BitWei said, “In the face of halving and the extension of the life cycle of mining machines, new standards have become an inevitable demand. The first one-year warranty in the industry not only implements the customer first philosophy with practical actions, but also signifies Confidence in the quality of our products. “