Bitmicro officially released the Shenma mining machine M30, held a global online conference to explain the full range of M30 products and sales strategies

Bitwei held the “Shenma Mining Machine M30 Global Online Conference”, released the new Shenma Mining Machine M30, and interpreted the full range of M30 series products and sales strategies in detail. The “cloud meeting” aims to break the physical space through online means, and deliver the latest news of M30 in the first time efficiently. Before the conference, Wang Chun, co-founder of F2Pool, a senior Bitcoin mining practitioner, and Adam Back, CEO of Bitcoin head development company Blockstream, sent a remote blessing to the Shenma mining machine M30 conference. In this press conference, Bitmicro COO Chen Jianbing will also directly interact with users in the official community of Shenma. At the same time, Bitmicro’s official website will also conduct coupon gifting activities. If you ask questions at the press conference, you will have the opportunity to draw a gift and get a gift.