Wanweichain and Billywood reached a strategic cooperation, the first film and television IP deposit certificate application landing

According to the news of the chain, Wanchain reached a strategic cooperation with Billywood. The two parties carried out all-round cooperation on the blockchain to empower the film and television cultural industry and realize the innovative upgrade of the film and television cultural IP protection model, and successfully landed the world’s first film and television IP storage. Certificate application. Both parties take blockchain technology as the premise to store IP for film and television IP, and protect their intellectual property through the main forms of “video, pictures, music, text”, and trigger their authorization and copyright transactions around IP to make the value of IP circulate. Enhance its commercial value and achieve “secondary profit”. With the universal cross-chain framework of Wanwei Chain, film and television IP assets are expected to realize free circulation between different public and alliance chains, which enriches the accessible scenarios of IP assets.