1confirmation founder: PoS is one of the current hedging options, but the unmanaged staking experience needs to be improved

1confirmation founder Nick Tomaino tweeted that as central banks around the world continue to cut interest rates, PoS has become another attractive option other than BTC. Manage the staking service user experience and let users understand the risks of staking more deeply. Nick Tomaino believes that most of the current staking services are centralized, which makes the power too concentrated and very harmful. For example, the previous conspiracy of Binance and Tron against Steem tokens made people decentralize the project. There are concerns about security and safety, but even so, the data shows that the current Binance validator node still holds about 5% of Cosmos staking tokens. For this reason, Nick Tomaino believes that when the exchange promotes, the benefits of staking are often magnified infinitely, and the risks behind it are not mentioned at all. And the user experience of the centralized staking service is much better, which allows users to easily operate and earn higher than average annualized income. But the problem is that users do not know the operating mechanism behind it, such as the risk of token delegation? Does the user have delegation rights, or is Binance the default verifier? Nick Tomaino also listed three non-custodial staking services that he believes are the best so far, namely Lunie, CØSMOSTATION and polkadot.js.org.