Music blockchain project SoundArio completes alliance chain upgrade

The music blockchain streaming media project SoundArio announced that it has completed the alliance chain transformation of the testnet. SoundArio upgraded from the original two-node main chain to a consortium chain node system based on PoA consensus. This is an important step for SoundArio to move towards a fair and transparent mechanism. SoundArio will continue to invite partners to join and become a data witness node to jointly promote the new generation of music industry reform. According to, SoundArio was established in Singapore in 2019. The main chain was launched in early 2019 and became the world’s first blockchain music streaming media on the Apple AppStore. SoundArio can accurately quantify and distribute the value of creating, publishing, sharing, and listening to music, and automatically pay contributors to these processes on a 24-hour cycle. Its chain end, smart contract flow and applications have been online for more than a year, and gradually began to enter online operations.