The first EOS lightning loan agreement and application TP FlashLoan goes online

Decentralized wallet TokenPocket launched the first EOS unsecured lightning loan agreement and application TP FlashLoan / TP lightning loan. TP FlashLoan allows developers to borrow assets from TP FlashLoan’s reserve pool through a custom smart contract, as long as the liquidity is returned to the reserve pool before the transaction ends. If the liquidity has not been returned to the reserve pool, the loan transaction will not be executed, thereby ensuring the safety of the reserve pool. Developers can use TP FlashLoan to refinance business and arbitrage from multiple DeFi platforms of EOS, such as PizzaSwap, EOSDT, NewdexSwap, Codex, Bancor, etc. As an ordinary user, you can deposit tToken in the TP lightning loan of the on-line TokenPocket wallet to obtain tToken. The proceeds from the loan will increase the ratio of tToken / original token. When tToken rises, sell tToken to obtain more original Token.